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Welcome to Fail Up and Fail Forward! I'm Adil Malik, a first-generation Bangladeshi-American with a story that's been shaped by resilience, adaptation, and a whole lot of moving around.

Born in Queens, NY in 1993, my childhood was a whirlwind of change as my family relocated seven times before settling in the suburbs of Philadelphia. These transitions gave me a diverse array of perspectives and experiences that have shaped who I am today.

Growing up as a Muslim-American post 9/11, I attended Catholic school, navigating the complexities of identity and belonging. Witnessing my family's journey from a lower middle-class neighborhood to a more affluent town during high school taught me about social mobility and the power of hard work.

My college years were a clash of cultures as I went from a conservative upbringing to a state school known for its vibrant party scene. After graduation, I took the leap and moved to Los Angeles, where I left graduate school to pursue a career in solar energy, eventually founding my own company.

Life has thrown its curveballs—I've experienced loss, faced legal challenges that altered my trajectory—but through it all, I've learned that setbacks are simply stepping stones to greater wisdom and growth.

I met my wife in Las Vegas, where she was studying abroad from Germany, adding another layer of richness to my life story.


Through my experiences, I've come to believe that failure isn't something to fear; it's a necessary part of the journey toward success. Failures are not setbacks; they're opportunities to rise higher. So, whether you're navigating difficult times or pursuing your dreams, remember that every stumble is just a chance to learn and grow.

Join me on this journey of resilience and growth as we embrace the philosophy of failing up and failing forward. Together, let's turn setbacks into stepping stones toward a brighter future.


How I Can Help You

  • Live weekly webinars to discuss and do live Q&A

    1 hr

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